The Gates & Entrance Plaza


The gate area will be similar to that of the Magic Kingdom. A large semi-circular bank of turnstiles which leave the guests in a courtyard. The difference here is in the style and the atmosphere of the courtyard and surroundings. This plaza will not be filled with flowers trimmed to the shape of Mickey’s head. Instead, the centerpiece is a fountain in the middle of the cobblestone courtyard. 




This fountain will resemble a goblet with a snake wrapped around it . Water will spill over the sides of the cup and a flame will be constantly burning from the top. Around the goblet will be a series spears sticking out of the ground. There will be a persistent mist or fog emanating from the base.



The gates and plaza will have a medieval feel to them as will a large portion of the front of the park. Crumbling, ivy covered walls will reflect a decrepit castle town almost in ruins. Flickering lamps will adorn the walls and gargoyles will watch from the parapets of low towers.


ballumbie_castleportcullisThis plaza will feed under the train station in the same manner of MK. There will be three tunnels running under it, however these will be more along the lines of the queue of Pirates of the Caribbean. (Think heavy portcullises hanging above your head which will be raised every morning during the opening of the park)


Next: B & B Railways


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