B & B Railways



As is the case in the Magic Kingdom, Shadowlands will be surrounded by the B & B Railways (short for Black & Blue) Shadowlands Express. Alameda Slim (from the ill received feature Home on the Range) and his henchman Wesley have set up shop with their cattle train in hopes of  snagging a few unsuspecting victims.


The train will be composed of cattle cars, open to both sides. Guests will ride back to back. Imagine the Wildlife Express in DAK, but open to both sides. At the station at the park entrance will be a counter service location called Wesley’s Cattle Car serving Burgers and Roast Beef Sandwiches. The restaurant will be housed in a derailed cattle car located just off the platform of the station.


The area’s theme will maintain the medieval crumbling castle feel, but it will be apparent that Alameda has done his best to bring in some reminders of home with wooden railings, cacti, and steer horns galore adorning the walls of the station.

As with it’s counterpart in the MK, the B & B Railways will offer vignettes at various locations around the park as well as stops in the different lands for an alternate mode of transportation.

All Aboard!

Next: The Boulevard of Broken Dreams


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