The Boulevard of Broken Dreams



The Boulevard of Broken Dreams (BOBD) is Shadowlands version of Main Street USA. After passing under the B & B Railway Station, guests will emerge into a courtyard that, like it’s counterpart at MK, serves largely as an administrative area with city hall, the expo hall, etc. The courtyard at Shadowlands will replace City Hall with The Keep and the Expo Hall with The Livery. These buildings wil serve very practical functions like Guest Services, Reservation Center, etc.

The Boulevard itself will be a bit different than Main Street as it will have a more winding feel to it. Not so much to obscure the view of the weenie at the end of the street, but enough to know that the way is crooked. In keeping with the medieval theming, the buildings will be crumbling stone buildings that through the use of reverse forced perspective will appear to loom over the guests as if they might topple over at any second. The ground will be cobblestones, or for logistical purposes (thousands of stumbling guests) have the look of cobblestones.


While the exteriors and most of the signage of the buildings will have a medieval feel, there will be exceptions and the interiors will be entirely different as if each proprietor has magically created a space fit for themselves.

What follows is a list of the locations along BOBD and their function and theming along with the movies or characters that inspired them.

Glomgold’s Department Store would serve as this park’s Emporium. From plushes, dishes, and keychains, to figures, paintings, and postcards, this store would be the one-stop shop for your Shadowlands gift and memento needs. This massive store would have an Scottish-Duckish interior inspired by the classic Scrooge McDuck foe, Flintheart Glomgold.

figflintheartAlthough little known in North America, the duck family and stories are huge overseas and have a massive following. Centering this store around this particular character would hopefully spark an interest in the characters stateside.

Inspired by the villainous Sherif of Nottingham from Disney’s Robin Hood and his vulture crew of Nutsy and Trigger, this delicious sandwich shop would feature sandwiches, soups, and salads. The interior would be themed to the sherif’s office and the courtyard in the back would be the prison yard where the sherif and his posse would be hard at work and delighted to pose for a picture while guests enjoy their meal.

0124robin14TriggerNutsyImage01-300There is currently no real deli at WDW. Sure, sandwiches can be purchased all over the place, but an actual, high quality deli cannot be found (with the possible exception of Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney.) The possibilities for sandwich names are endless…”The FRYar Tuck”- a deep fried monte cristo served with choice of fries or chips, “The Little John” a massive mound of black forest ham and swiss cheese piled high on a kaiser roll served with a dill pickle spear.

The source for all of your pet related Disney needs. There is (or was) a place similar to this at Downtown Disney, but for those guests who don’t have the time in their busy vacation schedule to visit DD, here is the place to get a speial treat for their beloved furry (or finned, or feathered) family friend.

trampsiameseThemed after those sneaky cats from Lady & the Tramp, Si & Am, the store would have a sophisticated Asian and baby nursery decor.

Inspired by the little known villain from the Great Mouse Detective, Ratigan’s Haberdashery would be the source in the Shadowlands for hats and headwear.

RatiganThe interior would be dark and plush, resembling what one might expect to be shrunk down and placed inside the rat hole of a rat with good taste. Leathers, velvets, and gold would abound with all the features being oversized to give guests the feeling that they have indeed been shrunk.

Shadowlands’ answer to the Art of Disney, Rogue’s Gallery would specialize in high-end collectibles and the one of a kind pieces of Disney art and memorabilia. Come here to find that Big Fig of Maleficent, that limited edition cel from the Black Cauldron, or that Robert Olszewski sculpt of the Madame Medusa’s Airboat (more on that later!)

Move over Main Street Bakery, Cruella is in town and baked goods just became bad.

cruella-de-vil-b-webShe might try and convince guests that the bear claws are made from real bears, but there is no denying the delicious goodies that this bakery is whipping up. The half chocolate, half vanilla Cruela-ers are the specialty and can be found nowhere else. The decor will be “spot-on” of course.

A place to take a breather and cool off, the Boulevard Sinema plays a constant loop of Villain’s greatest moments with special showings and biographies of the evil-doers.

Inspired by the mommy muttering antics of the lousy, good for nothing Prince John, PJ’s is the place to get anything sleep related.

prince johnWho hasn’t wanted the sheets and comforters that adorn the beds in the Disney Resorts? PJ’s is the place to get them. What about those silk pajamas or night shirt,or ¬†maybe a sleep mask inspired by Kaa’s infamous hypnotic gaze? They’ve got it. The inside of the store resembles the Prince’s own sleeping chamber, complete with his giant bed and Robin Hood’s money grabbingpulley system going out the window. Don’t sleep on this place.

They’re famous sister may have moved in with a prince, and inspired millions with her glass slipper fashion statement, but these sisters aren’t going down without a fight.

Evil-Stepsisters-cinderella-1974433-300-221Not to be outdone, these girls have reached out to the hottest fashion designers and have filled their store with what they found. Constantly changing, this store will stay on the cutting edge of fashion with a Disney twist. The interior will resemble the bedroom Cinderella grew up in as the sisters hoped that might attract more visitors. They are always trying to capitalize on their more famous former tormentee.

At the end of the boulevard, guests will come across what appears to be a giant bowler hat that has crashed into the medieval village.

DorisCentered around the wicked hat from Meet the Robinsons, Dor-15 Industries will house a mix of technology and toys. Looking for a certain villain action figure of playset? Dor-15 has it. She will also have video games, music and movies. The interior will be a stunning mechanical interior full of cogs, gears, and wheels spinning and whirring. As each guest enters they will be scanned by the giant red eye located on the exterior. Bitter that she doesn’t get to sell hats, if one looks carefully, they will find the evidence of her plot against Ratigan to destroy his shop and take it over for herself.

That delightfully creepy chemist/enchantress Yzma provides the inspiration for Yzma’s Treats.

YzmaShe has been hard at work in her laboratory creating some tasty candy to turn people in to animals….wait, let’s just stick with the fact that they are tasty. Themed like her sub-pyramid lab from The Emperors New Groove, this location will be where every kid and sweet tooth will be craving to go to get their fix.

Standing right next to Yzma’s (how appropriate) is Kronk’s Yum-Yum’s. What Yzma does for candy, Kronk does for ice cream. Along the lines of Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery, this will be a top of the line ice cream parlor. Decorated with Kronk’s own paintings and filled with his chittering squirrel friends, Kronk’s will suprise with it’s decor and its yum-yums.



Every so often, the Toon Patrol from Roger Rabbit will make it’s presence felt on the Boulevarde. Imagine as you are walking down the street, a vintage gangster car screeches to a halt and out pour the Toon Patrol.


Still looking for revenge on Roger and Eddie, Judge Doom and his weasels are recruiting for people looking to join their search for revenge. Don’t make them laugh though, the weasels can’t resist comedy.

Yes, I know this takes place at the MK at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I think it would make a great addition to the streetmosphere at Shadowlands. Keep it at Not So Scary for those nights as if he has escaped to the MK, but the rest of the year, let us see that ride every night.


Next: the Weenie


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