The Village


through Maleficent’s castle into what is Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom would be an area known as The Village. it would be loosely based in design upon an old European town square, with cobblestone streets, a central fountain, and restaurants and buildings which would house a variety of attractions.

The Catacombs would be on the exterior a replica of Notre Dame cathedral. Inside would be something along the lines of Tom Sawyer’s Island mixed with a carnival funhouse. hallways and secret passages, underground tunnels would all contribute to the domain of Judge Claude Frollo after his fall from grace.

located at the top of one of the two towers on the Notre Dame replica would be an upscale dining experience called “the Belltower.” offering fantastic views of the park and a modern cuisine in a faux medieval setting, the Belltower would be on par with the best restaurants on WDW property.

located in the center of The Village, Diablo’s Flock would be a Dumbo-esqe attraction wihich would combine the up and down control of Dumbo, the tilt control of the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and featuring the ability of your “bird” to “slide” along the arm that holds it. The attraction would surround the fountain in the center of the square as if this flock of evil birds were massed around waiting for bread crumbs to gobble down. (character: Diablo, Maleficent’s pet Raven from Sleeping Beauty)

making the move and getting an upgrade from Hollywood Studios would be Al’s Toy Barn, the toy store owned by the sinister toy hoarder, Al of Toy Story fame. this would be a toy store on par with Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney, and would feature character meet & greets with all the villains of the Toy Story universe.

to compliment Al’s toy selection, Mim’s would be the place for plush. since Mim herself is fond of turning into various creatures, she now tries her hand at selling various plush creatures. the medieval design of Sword in the Stone would fit right in to the Village’s decor perfectly.

taking the place of Cinderella’s Golden Carousel at the MK, the Carousel of Regrets would travel backwards, demonstrating that if you constantly focus on your past mistakes, you can never move forward.

located around Maleficent’s Castle would be a large hedge maze full of topiaries celebrating the 1954 classic Alice in Wonderland. this hedge maze would be known as The Polo Grounds.

at the heart of the maze would lie the Cheshire Chamber, a living character initiative similar to Turtle Talk with Crush. Guests would be able to interact with not only the grinning feline himself, but some of the more questionable characters from the film.

this next attraction would be the big E-ticket of the area. combing elements of a dark ride, a hanging indoor coaster, and projection technology, this attraction would take guests on a journey through the Moster’s Inc. door storage all while being pursued by Randall Boggs in 3D.

taking its cue from the Frontierland Shooting Gallery, this attraction would update the classic shooting gallery with moving targets, changing scenes, and the latest technology, all themed around that nefarious huntsman, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

an ice cream parlor themed to the classic (and under-appreciated) 90’s Mickey Mouse short.

for sit down dining in the area, join Gaston at…

and while i can’t prove it, this idea has been in my mind long before the unveiling of the New Fantasyland expansion. of course, the obvious line about decorating with antlers has already been used in that presentation, so i shall move on…

a counter service location that would seem out of place, but on purpose, as if the evil emperor had crashed his ship/box not only in the wrong place, but the wrong time as well.


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