Fe Fi Foes


this land, which would take the place of Toontown Fair, would be for the real Mickey Mouse nostalgic with just enough Carl Barks homage thrown in to make it really special.

Standing guard at the entrace of the land and at the base of his beanstalk would be a towering Willie the Giant statue which on occasion would bellow famous lines from his appearance in Mickey and the Beanstalk.

spreading out from the base of the beanstalk itself would be the Beanstalk Garden. it would double as a character meet and greet location and a play area for the kids. they will love the giant leaves and vines. (think honey i shrunk the kids)

next, we’ll move into the neighborhood, and a rougher bunch of homes you’re not likely to find anywhere else. the Beagle Boys and their ma will take up residence in their bungalow which oddly enough will have just enough resemblance to a prison to make them feel right at home.

across the street you’ll find the witchy home of magica despell and her interactive fortune telling booth. you might not like what she has to say about your future.

he’s got a store on the boulevard, but he’ll lay his despicable head down in this mansion at night as he dreams of ways to get back at his old rival, scrooge mcduck.

the only counter service location in the land, the Phantom Blot’s Red Hot’s will offer the finest franks and brats in the parks. the decor will be covered in classic Mickey comic strips and fashioned after the ink and paint department of the studios, with a sinister twist of course.

let’s not forget about that villain who huffed and puffed his way into history. with a house made of sticks, straw, and bricks, the wolf lives out his days. watch where you step, though, his house is quite a sty.

you’ll find Mickey’s arch nemesis Pete’s house at the end of the road. he has become quite the businessman, and his house doubles as the entrance to Pete’s Flashback, an attraction that Pete designed himself to show you what things might be like had he ever succeeded in getting that mouse. using 3D ride technology and the latest projection tools mixed with special effects, guests would get a glimpse at the world from Pete’s perspective.


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