The Harbor


while at first glance, the Harbor has the least attractions, upon further inspection and information, it would become clear that the 2 that are found here are 2 of the best. the land itself would be themed to a wharf or a harbor as the name implies. with cobbled streets giving way to wooden boardwalks crowded with fishmongers and lined with pubs, the harbor would be bustling with activity by day and exploding with excitement at night.

making anchor in the harbor would be all of the ships from the many seafaring adventures that Disney has offered a take on. The Jolly Roger from Peter Pan, The Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Empress Jade and more from the POTC franchise. Even the other Jolly Roger (from Treasure Planet) would be there, seeming to hover above the water. After all, it is a flying ship. guests will be able to board these vessels and explore the sites of some of there favorite adventures.

as the sun sets, however, these ships would hoist anchor and disappear around a bend in the bay, only to reappear…

…in the night time spectacular, Legend of the Harbor Gold. this massive special effects extravaganza would be nearly twice the size of Fantasmic and feature a breathtaking mix of stunts, fireworks, explosions, and sea battles. who can save the harbor from the likes of Captain Hook, Davy Joones, Captain Barbossa and their crews? Why Jack Sparrow of course! unless he’s after the harbor gold…..?

also showing in the Harbor would be one of the most innovative shows in the parks; No Strings Attached. This would be a Broadway caliber Stomp-esque version of the performance Pinocchio is forced to put on for Stromboli while he is his captive. featuring all new music and dancing , this would be an hourly show on par with the best Disney has to offer.

Commander Rourke would be delighted to have you come partake in the goods he has for sale. from pirates gear, to nautical themed goodies, he has it all. he even claims to have a special stash of treasures from Atlantis!?!

you are bound to get hungry when your down by the docks and if you got a hankerin’ for fish n chips, Horace and Jasper have got you covered. their pub style food and live band will keep everyone entertained and full. ever since they broke ties with Ms. DeVil business has been very good.


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