The Rocks


Taking the place of the mountain complex (Splash and Big Thunder,) and providing equal thrills would be the area known as the Rocks. This would be an area characterized by rocky terrain pocked with sinister caves.

the signature attraction of the Rocks would be Bald Mountain. Based on the sequence from Fantasia, and starring the powerful Chernabog, Bald Mountain would be a hanging coaster that would contain both indoor and outdoor portions, set to the intense music of the short and featuring much of the same creepy imagery. The ride would culminate with the ride vehicle just narrowly slipping through the grasp of a massive Chernabog perched atop the mountain.

next, we’ll visit a coaster that should have been in Animal Kingdom (Beastly Kingdom.) a dueling coaster that is now at Islands of Adventure currently becoming a Harry Potter adventure. This coaster however would be called twHISSted and would feature two of the slimiest Disney villains ever in Kaa (Jungle Book) and Sir Hiss (Robin Hood.) this coaster would be all about twists and turns and even feature an underground corkscrew tunnel. contrary to most big coasters like this however, this one would remain close to the ground to enhance the feeling of speed and to maintain the theme of being a snake.

this next attraction has ben a long time idea of mine, ever since i heard the rumors of the supposed “Fire Mountain” that was to be in Adventureland. The Cave of Wonders would take people deep into the titular cave and trap them inside. their only escape would be with the help of the Genie and a magic carpet. imagine an entire ride like the red tunnel in Space Mountain. this would not be the coaster for the claustrophobic. this new “tunnel coaster” would also feature 2 extra surprises. at various points in the ride, your carpet would rotate to have you riding on your back or even sideways. the final surprise? an explosion from the cave into the outside air where you would make a safe landing.

the final attraction in the land would be the Hun Academy. this would be a virtual attraction in which groups would don headgear and swords to battle incoming armies under the command of the villainous Shan Yu (Mulan). think, the light sword attraction at DisneyQuest.

after all these thrills, head over to Shan Yu’s House of Noodles for some of the best build-your-own-bowl chinese food you’ve ever had.

and for all your retail needs, visit the Outpost, run by your favorite poacher, McLeach (Rescuers Down Under) and hunter, Amos Slade (The Fox and The Hound).

fans of Mr. Toad rejoice! Guests will find themselves journeying to the gates of hell (or Hades). in this boat ride through the underworld as interpreted in Hercules. all the characters will be involved including Pain, Panic, Cerberus, and the Titans. this one might be a bit scary for the youngsters, especially the scene in which your boat glides over millions of souls reaching out to you from the water.

Hades isn’t all about scares though, he’s a business god as well. for what i believe will be the first time, a Greek/Mediterranean table service restaurant will find itself in a Disney park. designed to be the inside of a Greek temple to Hades, with it’s open kitchen with plenty of views of the flames, this place will be hot!


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