The Marsh


Think of the Marsh as the Adventureland of Shadowlands. The atmosphere will be dense, with lots of trees. Guests will find themselves winding through a bayou to get where they want to go. At night, imagine a firefly effect in the trees and the sounds of the swamp all around.

kicking things off will be that villain from The Rescuers and her new endeavor of giving airboat-like tours of the marsh. Things tend to go awry when she’s in charge, so watch out. This would be an indoor dark ride involving water and a ride vehicle system similar to Dinosaur and Indiana Jones with a few new tricks added in.

next door (at the exit in Disney fashion) will be Medusa’s Pawn Shop. the place to get all sorts of secondhand goodies (not really secondhand)

right around the corner from his mistress, the clumsy henchman Snoops has set himself up an ice cream parlor.

i know, i know. there is a Little Mermaid dark ride coming to both DCA and the Magic Kingdom, but when I thought this up, there wasn’t, so bear with me. guests would board their bubbles as the journeyed under the sea to enjoy the story of the Little Mermaid told as if they were a part of it. a massive Ursula being destroyed would be the final scene as guests would then find their bubble “floating” back up to the surface.

there are few franchises in all of Disney’s domain that have enjoyed the cultish status and adoration that The Nightmare Before Christmas has. the merchandise has never been more popular and there has never been this abundance of it. now it is time for a proper attraction, and here it is. take all the best elements from the 3D shows on property and out them in one starring the enigmatic villain Oogie Boogie. from the colors, to his singing, to his henchmen, this property is ripe for this treatment, directed of course by the original Henry Sellick, fresh off his Coraline success.

after his unfortunate accident involving a cape and a plane, Syndrome was reduced to showing off all the marvelous technology he had created from his volcanic headquarters. join him and his henchmen for a tour of this hq. a combination of actual moving ride vehicles and projection/simulator technology, this attraction will set a new bar for attraction immersion. guests will ride their vehicles out to the volcano, enjoy a message from Syndrome, see one of his rogue Omnidroids attack the island, causing an eruption that will send them hurtling into the air, and finally (hopefully) ride back from the island.


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