I realize that the new film was polarizing to fans of the original and certainly didn’t break any new ground in storytelling, but there are few people out there who wouldn’t admit that the aesthetic of Tron: Legacy is spectacular. That is reason number 1 that I submit my idea for a re-theming of Tomorrowland using that film’s design as inspiration.

Most Disney parks fans understand that Tomorrowland can never really represent the future for long, because as soon as it is built, society surpasses it. In the past, Disney has attempted to engineer a “tomorrow that never was,” but that too has grown stale. Consider that the Tomorrowland Speedway is there because in the 50’s, when Disneyland opened, going for a long drive in one’s car was the future. That is not the case any longer.

My second reason for this refurb is the setting of Tron. Cyberspace. Isn’t technology really the future? The Internet and networked computers was a distant imagination in 1971 when the Magic Kingdom opened, and even in 1994 it was just whispers for only those truly involved deeply in technology.

The Internet and computer technology are today, but they are also tomorrow. That is where most advances are made and where people see the world heading. Disney should embrace the best thing about the Tron franchise and reshape their land to look like it.

Also, I know purists will cringe and hate this, but the Carousel of Progress needs an update. Keep moving forward he said, right? As cool as the tech for Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor is, it doesn’t belong in Tomorrowland. Get rid of either Sounds Dangerous at Hollywood Studios or even better, the Chronicles of Narnia attraction over on Pixar Place. How perfect would that be? Retheme one of the warehouses to actually look like the Monster’s Inc. factory on the outside.

As it stands, Tomorrowland currently is basically Spaceland with the exception of Laugh Floor, Speedway, and Carousel. The theme there is just scattered. Tighten it up, re-theme the Speedway to Cars and make it part of Fantasyland and the Magic Kingdom will be fresh and topical for at least another 17 years.

EDIT: After some thought, I am of the opinion that the Speedway is outdated and needs to be removed. That real estate is prime and enormous. It could be used in so many, much better ways.

Here are my ideas for attraction posters and logos, along with an all-new Tron inspired attraction to replace Laugh Floor. Light Cycles, Disc Wars, and Recognizers anyone? Also, sorry Stitch, but you have to go to make room for an enhanced Alien encounter.


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