10 Possibly Unreasonable but Feasible WDW Changes


1. Re-imagine Tomorrowland

I have written extensively about my proposed re-imagining of Tomorrowland, and while many would cringe at it, I think it would be a step in the right direction. Heck, it would be a step in any direction at this point.

Read more here.

An additional location I would like to add to my overhaul, would be the End of Line club from Tron. This would be located above the now unused Tomorrowland stage and would be an additional table service location in the MK. Below, at night, guests would find the elecTRONica party transported from DCA to add some flavor to the area. The Stitch stage would also be destroyed.


2. Add World Showcase Pavilions

Of all the items on my list, this might be the one that I would like to see the most. There is so much room for expansion, but unless the countries themselves pony up to sponsor, this will never be a reality. My countries of choice would be:






South Africa

New Zealand

Some of these have been conceptualized already, but some I haven’t heard of. Imagine a Fogo de Chao style restaurant in Brazil, or the white domes and blue waters of the Greek Isles. The onion domes of St. Petersburg would be striking in Russia, and the Taj Mahal and bustling spice market in India would be a great place to stop and spend some time. World Showcase is a wonderfully mature and educational area of the parks, but could be even better with some additons. (More on this to come soon)

3. Reopen Wonders of Life (with updates)

I have also written about how I would like to see the Wonders of Life pavilion reopened and put to good use. There is so much potential for a pavilion themed to life and the human body. It is such a shame that it has become nothing more than a special events location.

Read more here.

4. Re-imagine Chester & Hester’s (at least Triceratops Spin)

I have heard the arguments (I hear you Lou Mongello) defending the great story that is going on with Chester & Hester and I have seen the details in the area firsthand, but that does not change the fact that it is garish and cheesy. I know that it is supposed to be, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The Boneyard I like. Dinosaur, I like. The store and restaurant, I like them both. It is Primeval Whirl (which as a ride, I like), the games, and especially, Triceratop Spin. Triceratops didn’t fly, if he even existed at all! If they were going to build another spinner (boo!), at least base it on an actual flying dinosaur. The planned coaster The Excavator would be so much better here, and I am not even a big coaster fan. Imagine this attraction that takes you underground and back outside as you search for an elusive fossil. The carnival atmosphere and cheap theming, while purposefully done, just look cheap.

5. Re-imagine Imagination Pavilion

Another subject on which I will elaborate soon, this pavilion has alternately been the source of great joy and massive scorn through the years. Disney made a tremendous mistake by removing Figment, and their half-hearted attempt to bring him back has faltered. Right now it is simply embarrassing. A new take on the subject of imagination, and a renewed focus on the elements that made it great in its original incarnation will do wonders for this pavilion.

6. Do something with Discovery River at DAK

There have been rumors of this for as long as the original boats stopped working, but so far, nothing has come to fruition. The Discovery Waterway Wetscapades would change that. Take all of the things Disney does so well with their other nighttime shows, and bring them to life on the river. The show could be viewed from all around the park and would stretch the day at DAK. Universal is currently planning a water show that projects onto waterfall screens. That same idea could be used with waterfall screens erupting from Discovery Island around the Tree of Life. Utilizing the projection technology used in the Magic, Memories, and You show, the animals carved onto the Tree of Life could come alive and interact. Mix in a lighted water parade with moving laminar flow water canons and live performers, and you have quite a spectacle.

7. Either eliminate or (preferably) fix the Backlot Tour

As a teenager at DHS, I loved the Backlot Tour. I couldn’t get enough of the props and house facades that could be seen on the tram. Catastrophe Canyon was a great demonstration of the power and application of special effects, and I couldn’t wait to hop on that tram and take a ride. As with the Animation Tour, this attraction has declined in content and quality over the years, thanks in part to the absence of actual working at the former working studios. People love to peek behind the curtain of how movies are made and they also enjoy seeing props and costumes from their favorite films. What about a walk-through prop warehouse/museum? Allow people to see the famous vehicles and houses again without millions of lights on them.

8. Replace Rainforest Café at DAK with Adventurers’ Club

First, Rainforest café is overrated. The atmosphere is ok, the prices are outrageous, and the food stinks. Why there are 2 of these restaurants on property, I’ll never know. Get rid of one of these locations by replacing it with an updated version of the Adventurer’s Club at the gates of DAK. Fans of the AC would be thrilled and suddenly there is a reason to stay at DAK a little later into the night, after the new Discovery River Water show. Locals and tourists alike would enjoy this incarnation of the beloved AC. Imagine after hours comedy tours/adventures led by your favorite character from the show. Brilliant.

9. Build (a version of) Western River Expedition

Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I have seen the images of the park from Google Earth and there is plenty of room back there. I have also seen the rockwork for Carsland at DCA. That is the same level of detail required for a build of this magnitude. Imagine as you come around a bend on the WDW Railroad, you enter a gorge with animatronic mountain goats and jackalopes. What attractions they include are a moot point right now, I just want to see an immersive western environment. Ghost town, saloon, river raft ride, jeep tour, like I said, it doesn’t really matter. Go back to Marc Davis’ original sketches and make this masterpiece a reality.

10. Build (at least some of) Beastly Kingdom

I realize that James Cameron is bringing Avatar to DAK, but that does not solve the existence of the dragon on the logo. There are still so many legendary creatures that need a home at the park. Unicorns, dragons, minotaurs, gryphons and more would populate this section of the park and provide an area that could have attractions designed to stay open later because they don’t rely on live animals. While many Disney fan-experts tout DAK as more than a half-day park, and I agree, why not make people see that it is more than a half-day park. Give them a reason beyond Everest and pleasant strolls through the jungle to stay late. The concept art for this land has had fans drooling since it was introduced at the announcement of the park. Why not satisfy that online clamoring that has been raging for nearly 15 years? Avatar’s addition, while extremely controversial, is an answer to Harry Potter, and an environmentally themed world that could enhance the message and guest experience of the park, but in a different way than Beastly Kingdom could.


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  1. “base it on an actual flying dinosaur.”

    I vote for Argentavis. <:D

    My favorite variant on the "bring Adventurer's Club to Animal Kingdom" idea that I've seen pop up surprisingly often on the Internet is this: Replace Restaurantosaurus with a Bone Wars themed Adventurer's Club.

    And I can't state how much I love the projection show on the Tree of Life idea!

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