World Showcase: Series Preface


Let me begin by saying that I love World Showcase, at least most of it. The leisurely stroll along the promenade is one of the simple, unhurried pleasures of the entire Walt Disney World property. Few experiences share that same relaxed quality. The railroad outside Germany. The gondolas moored on the lagoon outside Italy. The museum in the back of Japan. These are the small pleasures of World Showcase.

There are some issues of course. The movies are dated. The lack of attractions outside of films is seriously lacking. The African Outpost is embarrassing when viewed next to the unbuilt Africa pavilion. The biggest issue is that since Norway opened in 1988 there have been exactly ZERO new pavilions, despite the empty pads that were clearly designed for the expansion of the park. Whether it’s a lack of funding or a sponsorship issue, or perhaps just a satisfaction with the status quo, Disney has never expanded this area of the most innovative and interesting theme park built since Disneyland.

There is so much to fix in the park as a whole, so many missed opportunities, but there needs to be movement, growth, development. Anything, really.

I believe that it is time for the anticipated and blatantly dangled expansion of Epcot to happen. In this series, I will suggest and argue for the countries that I believe will benefit the park, the company, and the countries themselves.

25 years? Really? Too long.




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