World Showcase: Russia


While our countries’ history together is not a smooth one, we have enjoyed a fairly good relationship for the past 20 years or so, and with it being such a large and diverse country nearly spanning an entire continent, the opportunities for spectacular dining, entertainment, and attractions are varied and exciting.


This is a country with a history as rich and diverse as any on the planet. Politics aside, the possibilities for dining, shopping, and even attractions are as wide-ranging as the massive country itself. From beautiful natural vistas, to ancient cultural centers bustling with people and filled with extravagant architectural wonders.



Quick Service – Pirozhki generic word for individual-sized baked or fried buns stuffed with a variety of fillings. These treats are mouth watering delights that are perfect for carrying around World Showcase. They can be filled with meats, or vegetables, or fruits for dessert.


Bar – Veselo – meaning “fun” or at least as close as we can get in English. A vodka bar. would there be anything else in Russia? Caviar would also be served to those who want a high end experience.


Table Service – Sem’ya – Meaning “family” it would be a traditional, family style Russian dining experience.

Kotleta  Mint_bread_kvas

Pelmeni_Russian  Shashlik


Pavilion Design:

With the beautiful and iconic architecture present in the Russian cities, the pavilion, much like others in World Showcase, would be a compilation of various landmarks from cities across the land.

1024px-Saint_Isaac's_Cathedral_in_SPB  Cathedral_of_Intercession_aka_Cathedral_of_St._Basil_the_Blessed_Red_Square,_Moscow,_Russia

Grand_Cascade_in_Peterhof_01  Kostroma-resurrection

MoscowKremlin_IvanGreatBellTower2  State-History-Museum-Red-Square-Moscow_cs


The natural beauty of Russia also has a place in the pavilion as well. The Lena River and the Lena Pillars in particular would be a stunning backdrop while also serving as a berm to help soften the transitions between the pavilions on either side. WDI’s recent developments with rock work (Carsland) have shown what they are capable of, and this would be another fantastic opportunity to create some stunning work.



The Quest for the Blue Eye – a race against rival treasure hunters across the vastness of Siberia to recover the Blue Eye of Siberia, a legendary sapphire embedded in the bottom of the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Travelers come face to face with bears, a blizzard, forests and mountain terrain. Close encounters with the Transiberian Railway and a flash of danger from a forest fire would keep the excitement at a high level, while also showing off Russia’s landscape. Guests travel in “Jumpers” an updated time rover type ride vehicle from Dinosaur & Indiana Jones with the advancement of multiple tracks and the ability to spin around and drive in reverse. Each vehicle also includes a “driver” who appears to control the speed and direction of the vehicle, selected by load team. The experience would be a race between two of these vehicles. In many ways, this would be an amalgam of several existing attractions being taken to the next technological level. A dramatic conclusion with a drop into a massive Siberian crater would thrill (and possibly terrify) all guests.

Burnt-Russian-forest-afte-005 Ice-on-Lake-Baikal-08

photos-from-siberia12 trains_Transib

inside just crater gv


Stacking Matryoshka dolls would play a large part in the entertainment of the pavilion. Large, costumed characters would interact with crowds with merchandising opportunities abounding from Disney versions of characters in stacking doll form.

Poupées_russes  6447044612436



Perhaps a ballet/dance show in the Red Square area would draw in visitors to the pavilion, as dance is a large part of the entertainment offerings from Russia.


This. Imagine this, except with Illuminations in the background. What more could you want from a World Showcase pavilion?



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